Maya Black School Shoes.


Color: Black
Size: 31


This black leather girls’ school shoe boasts a high grade Velcro fastening strap that has a double lining to enhance support and longevity. The shoe is made from high quality soft leather that is comfortable and lightweight for active feet and has a salient T bar and eye drop embellishment for that natural feminine appeal. It is Made with leather uppers and lightweight rubber outsoles that are both durable and flexible, they offer a highly comfortable fit for all day use. While the leather is soft and supple, making it easy to clean and polish, it does offer extremely good support and protection for the upper foot. The shoes go through very thorough flex tests to ensure the leather can hold up to the high demands of being on an active child’s foot. The shoe collars are padded for increased comfort and support, and the heel counter is reinforced for increased support, while the toes are rounded for a better fit and breathability. High grade Velcro has been used as a fastening mechanism.

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